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App Development

Our apps have been featured on Forbes, Techcrunch, TV2, Berlingske, Børsen BT,  and several others. We specialize in iOS Development ensuring quality code and highly scalable backends for millions of users.


If you need a website or a webshop we are the ones for you. Usually we start by designing the website together with you and then we code it up.



We care a lot about stunning design and do all sorts of design depending on your needs whether it’s for an app concept, website sketch, logo or something else. Our design has been praised by some of the best designers in Europe and Silicon Valley.

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Facebook & Instagram Marketing

Facebook marketing can be tough. It requires specific insight and structured A/B testing to deliver the best ads for the lowest cost. We have worked with Silicon Valley’s leading tech companies and successful startups who taught us their systems for getting the most value for your money.

Whether you need to market your app or website, we got you covered.

User Experience & Customer Journey

In todays market it is absolutely crucial that your product has simple and stunning design along with superior user experience. We offer a detailed analysis of the existing user experience and customer journey of your product. Nailing user experience can increase retention tenfold.

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About us

We are based in Copenhagen, Denmark but work with clients all over the world.
We are previous founders of tech companies we have built ourselves, which means we completely understand your entreprenurial mindset, and know how to scale apps and websites for the global market.